Welcome to ICRAFON

Welcome to ICRAFON

We are pleased to welcome you to our digital space. As we used to say, « There is always a bit of Icrafon in your lives…». So welcome home !

Indeed, who today does not shave or write with a product from the Icrafon factory? Who today does not consume food packaged in packaging manufactured by Icrafon? Without knowing it, you come across our products from morning to night and many visitors to our factory exclaimed, “That’s you too?”

Yes! For 40 years, we have been accompanying the people of Cameroon in the rituals of daily life: education, hygiene and nutrition.

To demonstrate such longevity, Icrafon’s teams have always been able to reinvent themselves and face the challenges that presented themselves, be they economic, technological, environmental, etc.

We are proud today, to count many of you among the beneficiaries of our products, and happy to put at your disposal this platform which will allow you to know our news, to follow our evolution, to have our best offers and to request us.

Then enter without delay and let yourself be guided!

General Manager