Our business

Our business


At ICRAFON, the ANZEN FIRST policy, considered as the first principle of the Code of Ethics, makes it possible to place human resources at the center of priorities to guarantee a safe and healthy working environment.

This requires the commitment of top management through a “Safety Declaration“, and the commitment of all staff, all united around 5 levers:

  • Promotion of ANZEN Culture
  • Respect for established rules
  • Training of staff to carry out their work without risk
  • Preparing for an effective response in an emergency
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

The implementation of these levers makes it possible to maintain our zero lost-time accident score for as long as possible and above all to maintain and galvanize the morale of our teams who work with confidence and develop a sense of belonging.


The KAIZEN approach, the eighth principle of the CFAO Group’s Code of Ethics, is a philosophy integrated by all ICRAFON employees through their daily commitment to work for continuous improvement.

It is illustrated by :

  • Continuous improvement of our workspace
  • Regularly organized 5S workshops
  • A Kaizen committee committed on a daily basis with more than 100 improvement actions per year to its credit
  • Ongoing training and awareness of teams
  • Daily analysis of our performance and the implementation of corrective actions and visual management